Friday, March 20, 2015

Breaking the ice: My first webcam show on Chaturbate

                My First Adult webcam show on Chaturbate

Welcome to my new blog in which i will detail the ups and downs,ins and outs, highs and lows, and everything in between of adult webcams. (online webcam modeling). I Had a good understanding of the basics thanks to what my good friend Freecamloader taught me. i was lucky to have him.. a real experienced webcam pro on all adult webcam sites. He wanted me to start with Chaturbate since that is is his main site and he knows the most about it. So i did. However it would be 6 months after my original first attempt to log in before i would actually get a chance to perform online for tokens.


I was eager to get started. My own motel room for the week, A top of the line laptop with webcam. Nothing could stop me right? Wrong. I knew i needed i.d to work on webcam and i also wanted to get my drivers license as soon as possible. Unfortunately i failed my first test.. Ready to try for the 2nd time, i again gathered the necessary documents, Social security card, Proof of address, Birth certificate.... wait... WHERE IS IT?!?! OH NO!!

Thats right.. My birth certificate had dissapeared... I searched for hours and hours and days upon days.. before giving up.. after looking into getting a new birth certificate i took the necessary steps online via using the express method i requested a new birth certificate.. Easy right.. well maybe to easy to be true.. in fact 3 days later i received a response from vitalcheck that they would be unable to fill my order due to the fact that i did not have i.d... isn't that the stupidest thing you have ever heard. of.. in order to get i.d you need a birth certificate.. but in order to get a birth certificate you need i.d... well that threw a wrench in my plans for sure.. it would take many weeks of researching and trying different methods before i learned that a direct relative with id would be able to request my birth certificate..

This was not as easy as it sounds.. but after many more weeks.. (yes it should have been quicker but many things were going on in my life which stalled my progress and motivation to model adult webcams online at chaturbate.

So finally I.d in hand i quickly completed the verification process and waited chaturbates response.. Wow i was verified extremely fast.. now to get online and see what this webcam modeling is all about.

Nervous i logged into chaturbate for my first time as a verified broadcaster. the members started pouring in so fast i didnt know what to do... They were all giving me lots of compliments and encouragement.. Many were shouting demands like "TITS".... Show ASS!! ... Get naked... Etc..